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APR 13 - MAY 19, 2024

We are delighted to announce that i GALLERY OSAKA will be hosting HAMADARAKA's solo exhibition, "ELEMENTAL DADA." This marks their first-ever solo exhibition in Osaka.


The whisper of the wind. The buzz of the city. The hues of twilight.

Have you ever recognized the profound impact of these moments on your soul? HAMADARAKA's artworks convey the remarkable beauty and deep significance hidden within the subtle occurrences and elements we often overlook daily.


This exhibition features works that explore profound themes that cannot be grasped visually, painting a whole new world from their unique perspective. With symbolistic representations of primitive essence, they intertwine the past with the present, hinting at optimistic prospects for the future and a spirit of adventure. What do they mean by " a single zero?” We can say that it encapsulates notions like "being part of a whole despite appearing independent as individual entities" and "endless possibilities."


The exhibition will showcase 26 pieces in total, with a particular focus on their 13 new artworks on canvas.

We hope these works help you become aware of "a single zero."

Once you gain the ability to embrace a single zero, you may very well be able to see the true, living form of “existence” before your eyes.



Just beyond a mere millimeter of skin,

tiny wholes spilled out.


As if robing in the dear night,

avatars smile with the night’s fine down.


The wind’s footsteps knock on their veins,

offering a 2 AM cloudy sky to flames that have forgotten how to fly.


A spider web, spun forty thousand times,

a white, rainbow-colored crocodile swallowing an upside-down sea.


Let's venture beyond tomorrow,

to a place that might someday vanish.


We were a single zero.

The unseen elemental forces provide us with puzzles that send a thrill through our hearts.

They manifest like a spectral image, in hues and resonances of words, in reliefs and ripples of lines.

When these elements are mixed and matched like a puzzle by two, beings emerge as "temporary forms" = "avatars," dwelling between the world of the seen and the unseen.

The term "ELEMENTAL," signifying a connection to the primal elements of nature, is paired with "DADA," which means sisters in Swahili.

This is the nomenclature we, HAMADARAKA, have assigned to the collective avatars we depict.

Perhaps they are ephemeral memories, the invisible now, or creatures of the future that materialize before us as some sort of answer after blending the fragments together like a puzzle.


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