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JUN 24 - JUL 16, 2023

In 2013, Toya Horiuchi moved to New York, where diverse cultures intersect, and began working as an artist. A talented graphical designer, he first created stickers titled New York Stickers, handing them out to his friends, and used an inkjet printer to explore works in between the digital and the physical, etc., cultivating a community in New York based on a unique vision and ideas.

Since then, 10 years have passed. In addition to the silk-screened works themed on New York with which he has now become synonymous, he has also devoted his energies to oil painting in recent years. The style known as appropriation, which he has always incorporated into his works, has continued to evolve into the idea of "What is true originality in a world overflowing with consumption, plagiarism, and copy and pasting?"

Toya Horiuchi's "SIGN PAINTINGS," the fourth exhibition at i GALLERY OSAKA, utilizes a variety of techniques, including oil painting, silk screening, and spray painting, and displays roughly 20 of his latest pieces in which the appeal and message of his works is all the more accentuated.

The word "sign" evokes a wide variety of interpretations. What is the message of the

"signboards" and "signposts to the future" he presents?

We hope that you will take a look and enjoy his current visual art.

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