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NOV 10 - DEC 3, 2023

i GALLERY OSAKA is holding Yabiku Henrique Yudi's first solo exhibition in Osaka, "Heads or Tails." Yabiku Henrique Yudi is an artist who through his pursuit of abstract art and its interaction with reality, cuts through new artistic domain. Stepping into a world where beginnings and endings are unclear, combining different elements and information, he molds profound meaning and beauty. While abstract, his works express admirable harmony with elements of reality.


You might associate the title of this exhibition, "Heads or Tails," with the moment you flip a coin. However, those words represent the elements of fate, chance, and choice intrinsic in his work. The madder red frequently used in his present-day works is a distinguishing mark of passion and warmth, and the works also reveal a deepening of emotion. His works are abundant in identity, and may offer the views a profoundly emotional experience.


This exhibit features 18 works, focusing on his new work. We hope that you immerse yourself from the heart in the world of Yabiku Henrique Yudi, and enjoy his uniqueness and the beauty of his art. 

"Two sides of the same coin.


The creation process has no clear beginning and no clear end. It simply recreates reality, which is made up of a series of coincidences. It is profoundly intuitive and where things take on a constructive significance.


As materials and information of different natures intersect in layers upon layers, they further enhance and harmonize with each other, melding together and drawing us into a fictional world. This is because there is an invisible connection somewhere that cannot truly be severed." 


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