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Yohei Ogawa "Kinsness the the Eyes"

YOHEI OGAWA "Kindness to the Eyes"

FEB 03 - 25, 2024

We are pleased to announce that i GALLERY OSAKA will be hosting Yohei Ogawa's solo exhibition, "Kindness to the Eyes". This will be his second solo exhibition in Osaka in three years.


Yohei Ogawa's works depict emotionally rich landscapes, combining abstract and simplistic stone buildings, elegant towering palm trees, and weighty stones. These elements merge seamlessly, creating a sense of openness as if nature itself is reflected on the canvas. The artworks exude a desolate and mysterious atmosphere from an unknown dimension, evoking a pleasant sense of awe in the viewers.


These inspirations stem from Yohei Ogawa's roots, beautifully portraying the once vibrant but declining towns through his childhood memories. The artworks express both the anxiety towards an inevitable reality and the deep love for affectionate places, giving birth to hopeful expectations for the future. Additionally, as a surfer, his works also reflect his profound love and affection for the sea and nature in Shizuoka. Through exquisite techniques and delicate use of colors, the artworks splendidly convey the love that arises from a dialogue with nature.


Various events such as global situations, political tensions, the Noto Peninsula earthquake, and airplane accidents are reported daily, casting a heavy shadow on people's hearts. The exhibition titled "Kindness to the Eyes" reflects sensitivity and a thoughtful approach towards the current unstable times. It carries the hope of providing solace and healing to the viewers through the power of beauty.


In this exhibition, you can see about 25 new canvas works, around 30 bottle works, and 4 collaborative three-dimensional works with NOTEWORKS. We hope that by appreciating these artworks, they can help you regain the calmness and hope that are often lost in the rough waves of reality.

"Since the start of the new year, there have been tragic events, accidents, and disasters daily on TV and social media that you wish you had never seen. There may not be an end to these, but I chose this title hoping to relieve the viewer's eyes." -  YOHEI OGAWA

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