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" Outer Me, Inner Me

AUTOMOAI will hold the solo exhibition "Outer Me, Inner Me" at i GALLERY OSAKA. The exhibit will also feature the original piece from "Turquoise from Bolivia" (Funshosha, 2023), together with newly created works.

AUTOMOAI began creating works in 2015 with an initial focus on monochrome drawings. With the publication of the 300-page collection "Endless Beginning" (Funshosha) in 2018, AUTOMOAI ramped up the creation of works using paints and canvas. The publication's commemorative exhibit released the collection alongside a display of original works, effecting a transformation from an impression of illustration to one of painting. In addition to flat works, AUTOMOAI has also released three-dimensional works beginning in 2019, and has continued working in oil painting from 2020.

The new works at the exhibit are oil paintings that take the artist's own pen and paper drawings as their motif. The paintings behave as if exploring the question of whether a boundary truly exists between painting and that which was not called painting.

As means of expression continue to grow in number and in the complexity of their categories and names, are these truly necessary for the urge and the joy of creation and expression? At the exhibit, experience the new endeavors and questions posed today by AUTOMOAI, who continues to create with all manner of art materials in hand.


MAY 29 - JUNE 25, 2024





1F, 3-8-14, MINAMISENBA,





“Outer Me, Inner Me”

Suppose the me within the real world is the outer me, then the me in my dreams is the inner me.

If one considers dreams to be an homage to death, it would mean death exists on the inside of life.

So, while death and life, dreams and reality are said to be opposites, I suspect the truth is that they are nested in each other: death within life, dreams within reality.

The me that is awake contains within him the me within dreams.

I can see the inner me, but I cannot show him to anyone else.

Paintings are a mechanism for making real an image of the heart.

Just like since time immemorial incorporeal souls have taken the shape of butterflies in the real world, I make use of this mechanism to show the form of the internalized me within dreams to the real world.



In 2015, Auto Moai began creating works in monochrome, has been using a lot of color since 2018, and is known for a distinct style in which a highly anonymous “presence” seems to be standing on the canvas. The artist’s style, which is extremely objective but also appears to be a very personal scene, presents us with views and sceneries that can be found through the removal of elements, such as the relationship between people and the relationship between the painting and the viewer.



Past Exhibition

2024  "Anonymous" (OVERGROUND, Fukuoka)

2023  "ボリビアから来たトルコの石" "Turquoise from Bolivia" (PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, Tokyo)
2022  "I wanna meet once again if like that dream" (SAI, Tokyo)
2022  "名前を忘れることで距離をとっていた" (TAV GALLERY, Tokyo)
2022  "澱を泳ぐ" (DEKAMELON, Tokyo)
2021  "Three Different Minds" 3 person exhibition with Nick Atkins, Aki Yamamoto and AUTOMOAI  (MUCCIACCIA GALLERY, London)
2021  "dog,ghost"  two-person exhibition with Nick Atkins and AUTOMOAI (CALM & PUNK GALLEY, Tokyo)
2021  "6 Paintings From 6 Artists" (Parcel, Tokyo)
2021  "Big Ass Beyond Mountains" (Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong)
2021  "あやまった世界で愛を語るには" (ISETAN THE SPACE, Tokyo)

2020  "Buoy" (CALM & PUNK GALLEY, Tokyo)

2019  "Anonymous" (FUJII DAIMARU、Kyoto)
2019  "Permanent Boredom" (TAV GALLERY, Tokyo)

2018  "Endless Beginning" (OVER THE BORDER, Tokyo)

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