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" 引力と斥力 ― Attraction and Repulsion

At i GALLERY OSAKA, we are delighted to present MAYUMI YAMASE's solo exhibition, "Attraction and Repulsion." This marks her first solo exhibition in Osaka.


Her works blend different shapes and colors in harmony, evoking a sense of movement and life, much like living organisms. They capture the interaction between our inner sensations and the external world, each influencing the other to create an overall beauty. The meticulous detail and free expression in her art come together beautifully, drawing viewers in and evoking deep emotions and thoughts that go beyond mere aesthetics. When you encounter her works, you might feel a magnetic pull or a strange sense of repulsion.


This exhibition features 22 new canvas works and several three-dimensional pieces. Through this display, we hope you will experience how invisible forces shape our existence, as seen through MAYUMI YAMASE's unique perspective. Step into the vivid and imaginative world she has created.


JUL 12 - AUG 04, 2024


FRYDAY, JUL 12, 5 - 8PM



1F, 3-8-14, MINAMISENBA,





“Some things, like the repulsive force of magnets, do not intersect, while others, on the contrary, cannot help but stick together (attraction). The organs and cells that exist in the inner world, inside the body, are composed to some extent by the forces of attraction and repulsion occurring between the molecules that make them up. These phenomena occur in the outer world as well, though invisible to the naked eye. Sometimes we encounter things that just don't mesh well, and conversely, some that do.  

In recent years, my paintings depict clusters formed by various elements (objects) coming together, with things gathering and swirling around them as if expressing a living entity. 

I am fascinated by the opposing forces of repulsion and attraction that arise within living beings. For this exhibition, I directed my focus on these sensory forces in my creations.”


Mayumi Yamase is an artist living and working in Tokyo. Her work whether a drawing, a painting or in 3D-form is composed of colours and organic forms. How the space is occupied with these colours and shapes helps to unfold unexpected forms organically grown like a plants and living like organs and a unique dialogue between them. Mayumi has exhibited pieces in London, Singapore and numerous times in throughout Japan alongside commissioned work for Comme des Garçons.



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