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i GALLERY OSAKA presents "LIL COBRA TOP,"  a solo exhibition by NONCHELEEE.

This will be his first solo exhibition in Osaka.
NONCHELEEE is an artist based in Fukuoka and is attracting attention for his unique style. His work is full of humor and individuality, and his distinctive portraits are especially impressive. His works contain subtly sexy and surreal elements that are entertaining and thought-provoking.

This exhibition introduces part of the story of how discarded objects are given new life in NONCHELEEE's art. A long time ago, he came across a special item called "COBRA TOP," a radio cassette player discarded by the roadside. The beauty created by this encounter is the source of this exhibition's charm.

COBRA TOP, released in 1993, may now seem very rustic and unfinished. However, it has given his work a unique resonance over the course of 30 years. Its sense of incongruity and charm harmonized with the tatami room of his old apartment at the time, and it became a symbol of his origins of simplicity and luxury.

NONCHELEEE's style embodies the harmony of aesthetics and individuality. Please come and discover new emotions while interacting with his works. We hope you will enjoy the journey of beauty and creativity created by the special item COBRA TOP.


OCTOBER 07 - 29, 2023





1F, 3-8-14, MINAMISENBA,





"I often used to bring home radio-cassette players and VCRs discarded on the side of the road because they looked shiny.

Among those, I brought back a Panasonic COBRA TOP with me, even though it truthfully looked unfinished. The device had a lid that opened and closed automatically when turned on, a bittersweet LCD screen that glowed orange, an unusually soft bass sound, and a streamlined futuristic appearance. Looking back, I realize that its mismatch with the tatami room of the old apartment I lived in at the time may have been the origin of the simple and LUX “Y.”  I can still remember the sweet shampoo-like aroma of the inside of the COBRA TOP." - NONCHELEEE

Born in Japan, 1986

Lives and works in Fukuoka, Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2023    FIRE HOUSE, ON THE HILL, Kobe, Japan

            WOOFER MAGIC TURBO, Television gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2020    TUNE FI TUNE, Whistle, Seoul, Korea

2018    HOUSE FOR SALE, Daikanyama Tsutaya Books & Manu Coffee, Tokyo & Fukuoka, Japan

2017    LIFE GOES ON, Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2016    AIR 冗談, From where I stand, Fukuoka, Japan

2015    DOWNTOWN SELFIE, Manu Coffee, Fukuoka, Japan

Group Exhibitions

2018    Singing Pictures, Whistle, Seoul, Korea

2017    GRAJOOLA, Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


2015    Pumpin’ Scat Party, Fuguriddim, Fukuoka, Japan

2011    Original Luv Taix$on Version, Fuguriddim, Fukuoka, Japan

2009    Brown Offing Yamamba, Fuguriddim, Fukuoka, Japan

2008    Banana Wanita inna South China Sea, mao, Tokyo, Japan


2021    Hot Plate, TOKYO CULTUART, innen, Japan

2018    BOSSA HOUSE, Tissue Papers, Japan

2017    LIFE GOES ON, Tissue Papers, Japan

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